Not too harsh, not too low, our lighting fixtures and designs are not just what meets the eye, they are loved by the eyes. Our designers work to bring out the best from a room and give you the best possible lighting solutions for your space, be it a house, office, outdoors or any other place that you love to be during the wee hours

Our lighting designs and solutions are such that they ensure that the fixtures are low on consumption and are eco-friendly. For every place, we offer a different solution that suits that place. As far as lighting for commercial places goes, an office is a place where maximum efficiency and attention is required so that the productivity remains high. The role of the lighting is to be such that it should develop an environment of focus on the office premises. Our lighting designs give you a well-lit office that always oozes energy and positivity in every moment.

Proper lighting and focus on products make the wares beautifully visible and attractive. That is what Team Dazoro does for shop lighting solutions. Be it a full floor showroom or a small shop, our lighting designs are for everyone.

The focus of our lighting designs for homes is how to make it look the best after dark. The outdoor lighting of homes gets our great attention as the need is to bring to light our homes’ beauty in the most appealing of ways.

The interior lighting design created by Team Dazoro tends to put the lights to use in different ways for different places so that they look the best under lights. The living room lighting designs are more centered towards being well-lit and being supple at the same time. The interior lighting designs offered by us are very modern and contemporary which work on the principle of bringing maximum lighting with minimum consumption being the need of the hour.

One more thing that gives us the utmost joy is designing lamps. The different types of table lamps and side lamps we design are made with the best materials and are designed like jewels, and why not? They certainly are the jewels of your living rooms that add to the feel of living in the lamps of luxury.

The ceiling lights designed by Dazoro Designs are taken to new heights with our trendy and ornate chandeliers.

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